When I look back at my ‘career’ as a musician (yes, I was a professional at one point), I can probably count on one hand the ‘Musical Moments’ that influenced me the most. As a trumpet player, like most other trumpet players I know, the sound of Maynard Ferguson playing impossibly high and loud created in me an excitement about playing the trumpet that still lasts to this day.

Back in the late 80’s I listened to the debut release from Take 6. This was another major ‘Musical Moment‘ for me. At that time there we just a handful of groups singing ‘close harmony’, the Singers Unlimited, the Hi Lo’s etc. Take 6 took the foundations these groups built and added a 10 story building on top of them! I must of listened to their debut album on repeat for DAYS!

More recently there have been a few notable ‘musical moments’, Dirty Loops debut album Loopified and perhaps a little less known (to most) Accent Vocal‘s new release ‘In This Together’ which I think is tremendous.

As great as all the above are, I think the most astonishing musician to come to my attention recently is Jacob Collier. I really don’t feel I’m exaggerating when I describe Jacob as a ‘modern day Mozart‘, such is his talent. His debut album release in 2016, ‘In My Room‘, which was recorded and mixed entirely in a room in his North London family home and is an astonishing achievement.

It all started on YouTube when Jacob was a still a teenager, his complex multi-track vocal arrangements were way beyond his years and he quickly gained a substantial following (including me).

When I heard Jacob’s arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s  ‘Don’t you worry ’bout a thing‘ on YouTube for the first time, this was definitely a major ‘Musical Moment‘ for me.

Although ‘Don’t you worry ’bout a thing‘ wasn’t Jacob’s first YouTube release, for me, it’s the one that really made me listen carefully. It did, of course, help that it’s probably my favourite Stevie Wonder tune.

Check it out here: